Meeting Author Joe Hill is a Pleasant Experience

I have met this person twice, he is extremely nice, gracious and if you ever get a chance to meet him don’t pass it up.

He lives in New England with his children. His most recent book is: NOS4A2 Kindle Edition on sale today -09-28-2015, at least at Amazon.  Eerie, a bit scary and worth your time to read.

He’s very tall and oh so very handsome. He’s on twitter at times and keeps a blog on Tumblr.

The first time I met Joe, he was on tour for “Horns” now a movie with Daniel Radcliffe from Harry Potter fame. Since my copy of the book was in my Sony e-reader he signed it and drew horns on the back of it. My daughter had a copy of “Twentieth Century Ghosts” and a couple of other things that he signed for her.  At that time he wasn’t traveling with keepers like some authors do, he stayed at the table until all the people got their autographs, chats, pics, questions answered and were happy.

The last time I met him my daughter wanted to have our pic taken with him and I demurred because I’m ashamed of my weight. He said to me “Everyone is beautiful, come to Hug Harbor” and reached out and pulled me into a hug along with my daughter. He had to bend at the knees because we barely make it to 5′ 2″ and he’s a foot taller than us.  Thank you for that Joe, my daughter has a memory to treasure.

Super Nice man, his mom and dad raised him right. His father showed up too, you might have heard of him: Stephen King,  and I have both of their autographs on a quilt block.

I made Joe a quilt block representing a part of the Book NOS4A2 and I made myself a matching one – his dad signed on the left side of mine, and Joe signed on the left. I wasn’t aware until later that they have a policy not to sign on the same anything – or I wouldn’t have asked. So I have something that is unique and that I treasure.

Joe is also famous for his excellent comic book series, what they call today graphic novels ‘Locke and Key’. I highly recommend this, and it can be read on a tablet. I got mine from


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