Is it true that Donald Trump has unusually small hands? If so, what is the evidence?

Is it true that Donald Trump has unusually small hands? If so, what is the evidence? by Simon Moore

Answer by Simon Moore:

In the Madam Tussaud’s wax museum in New York, there’s a bronze cast of Trump’s hand. It’s been there since 1997 when the museum took impressions of Trump for their waxwork model of him.

The cast shows that Trump’s hand is 7.25″ long, measuring from wrist to tip of the middle finger. The average length of a male’s hand in the USA is 7.61″ long, making Trump’s hand in the bottom 15th percentile. This means 85% of all American men (and indeed 33% of all American women) have bigger hands than Trump.

This statistic in itself is a little misleading in that it flatters Trump. Trump claims to be 6′3″ tall, making him significantly taller than the average American man (at 5′9″). the 7.6″ hand size is for average sized men. Compared to men of his own size, Trumps hands would be even smaller in comparison, down to the bottom 5th (perhaps even lower) percentile. By comparison, I’m also 6′3″ but my hand size is 9″.

You can even print out and measure your hand against the great man himself:

It’s a shocking indictment of current American politics that the level of discourse has dropped to that of the schoolyard. My willy’s bigger than yours!

Is it true that Donald Trump has unusually small hands? If so, what is the evidence?


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