Invasion of the Splatter Westerns (and the inspiration for Red Station)

This, On Purpose

Last year,Death’s Head Press’ co-founder, Patrick C. Harrison III, did something pretty amazing. He reached out to a number of authors to write standalone novellas and novels in a genre he coined as “splatter westerns.” A splatter western is a mad hybrid of splatterpunk horror and western genres. In other words, the western would have extreme horror elements with a hearty dollop of pulp to top it off. I marvel at Patrick for coming up with it, and I think he ought to be credited for the core concept of it. His story that inspired its creation is pretty intense, one that illustrates that sometimes, art imitates life and vice versa (you can read his story here).

Anyway, my novella, Red Station, is book #7 in the series, and it came out just last month. Since they’re all standalone stories, readers can start with whichever one…

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